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Desert Eagles Recruiment Results 2017! - DE



Desert Eagles Recruiment Results 2017!


After a long discussion within DEHQ members, we would like to congratulate the following players who will be joining the Desert Eagles ranks (Recruit/MA). Some of you were petty close to join, but many of you still need more time to prove yourselves within the community and show true interest towards the group. Do not stop trying, and do your best!

New Members!:

@Fabman @Mootjeee @VinnyBL -- Recruits

@HeLLBuLL @Skiinkan @Konan. @Berker and Matsuri -- MA.

Congrats ! and prepare to get abused! You all will have a wonderfull time, enjoy! (Contact any DEHQ ingame to add you)

Also MCC has just opened its recruitment, apply here!


DEHQ Team ----- 2017


General of the Army,Bunny

General, Patrol

Chief of Staff, Rares

Marshall.Supervisor Kenny


Commander, Royalty

Colonel, Tayber

Supervisor, Kenny

Air Marshall Deu

Major JI6

Admiral of the Fleet, Hesha

DE units,

DEHQ team,