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About Us - DE

About Us

The Desert Eagles

Courage today Victory Tomorrow

The Desert Eagles – Official military of San Andreas and it’s government. One of the two opposing armies on the SAES:RPG server. Battling against Cuban Liberation Organization, protecting your safety without you even noticing.

Our national army is very selective about its troops, therefore the way we use to recruit our soldiers is through live recruitments. This means we will host a mass recruitment at given times each year. To keep track of those make sure to follow the online events page[LINK] on the forum. If you were to ask a Desert Eagles headquarter to join our army, you will fiercely be denied. We do not recommend you to try to approach us this way as this will weaken your chances to join through a general recruitment. So don’t do this.

The Desert Eagles, unlike other law enforcement units, do not arrest civilians nor criminals. We battle against our main enemy, the Cuban Liberation Organization (CLO). This we do by various means, in cooperation with other law enforcement units in San Andreas, and solemnly by ourselves. We often try to cooperate with other forces, this enlarges our strengths and so our chances to succeed in our missions.

Besides that we also concentrate on role play, this is something we do a lot. Whether you see us or not, chances are we are roleplaying at the moment. Our roleplays’ variety is very high. We often host roleplays like a military convoy, closing off city blocks, capturing a terrorist, real life like army missions and way more. Of course we do this with the community, so if you are willing to have an awesome roleplay with us. Don’t hesitate and tell us your awesome idea and we might execute the roleplay. Of course together with you all, the players of SAES.

Most of the times when we are not doing a roleplay or fighting the CLO we will be training. We keep training to stay, and sometimes become, better than our opposing forces. As dead men cannot fight, we must make sure there are none. These trainings also vary from a simple death match to a complicated deployment training. Many of our trainings will be private, but not all of them. If we are hosting a public training we will announce in-game, and we want you to join!

As you are still reading I think I have caught your attention, you want to join the Desert Eagles! And who blames you? We have an awesome roleplay, tactics, team work, we’re active and we have a lot of fun. Besides we can fight the Cuban Liberation Organization, which is a lot of fun, so is kicking their ass!


General of the Army, Bunny

Vice General, Patrol

Chief of Staff, Rares

Commander, Royality

Colonel, Tayber

Air Marshal, Amit

Admiral of the Fleet, Hesha

Major, JI6

DE HQ Team


General of the Army








Admiral Of The Fleet