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The Desert Eagles

Official military of San Andreas and it’s government

Courage today Victory Tomorrow

The Desert Eagles

Courage today Victory Tomorrow

The Desert Eagles – Official military of San Andreas and it’s government. One of the two opposing armies on the SAES:RPG server. Battling against Cuban Liberation Organization, protecting your safety without you even noticing.

Our national army is very selective about its troops, therefore the way we use to recruit our soldiers is through live recruitments. This means we will host a mass recruitment at given times each year. To keep track of those make sure to follow the online events page[LINK] on the forum. If you were to ask a Desert Eagles headquarter to join our army, you will fiercely be denied. We do not recommend you to try to approach us this way as this will weaken your chances to join through a general recruitment. So don’t do this.









Airbone Unit

The airborne unit is the air force of the San Andreas military.

Naval Unit

This unit is the marine unit of the Desert Eagles army.

Assault Unit

Our assault unit is specialized in ground combat.

Latest news

Desert Eagles Christmas Recruiment Results

After a long discussion within DE/DEHQ members, we would like to congratulate the following players who will be joining the Desert Eagles ranks:

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